Sims Freeplay Cheats is a tool to get almost unlimited amount of Simoleons and Lifestyle Points and all that for free! We are happy to present you a working Sims Freeplay Cheats and we’ll explain it to you step-by-step on how you can get any amount of Simoleons or Lifestyle Points with our easy to use hack tool. So let’s get started.



Sims FreePlay Cheats

You may have been wondering “Is there a cheats or way to hack sims freeplay?” and our answer to that question yes there is and it’s completely easy & safe to do it. We are a group of enthusiast that managed to find out trick to gaining any amount of simoleons or lp inside the sims freeplay, and today we are going to share it with you. With our hack tool you will get within few minutes any amount of simoleons and lifestyle points.

Simoleons LP Hack

How to Hack Sims FreePlay?

  1. Go to our Sims FreePlay Hack
  2. Enter your Username
  3. Choose amount of Simoleons and LP you want to hack
  4. Wait 30 to 60 seconds till generator finds your username
  5. Enjoy unlimited amount of Lifestyle Points and Simoleons



Our Sims Freeplay Hack is made with player in mind and it is possible to use it multiple times without having a risk of ban.  Our generator first tries to find a username which user inputs in it if it find’s it then it ask’s user to select how much simoleons or lifestyle points it want’s to be added on account, amounts range from couple of hundred thousands to few millions of Lifestyle Points or Simoleons.


What are features of Sims Freeplay Hack?

  • Works on any kind of device including Android and iOS
  • Being able to hack for any user within the game including your friends
  • Trouble free and easy to use (even a granny could hack sims freeplay with our tool)
  • 100% Secure and Ban-Proof implementation
  • Totally FREE and it always will be (you don’t have to purchase anymore from in-game store)
  • NO download and NO root of any kind required

Sims Freeplay Cheats doen’t require download and is 100% free!

Sims FreePlay Hack

Some time ago I played sims freeplay and thought to myself there must be an easier way to get lifestyle points without having to purchase it and give your hard earned money. Then I went on Google and started searching for things like Sims Freeplay Hacks or How to Hack Sims Freeplay but all i got was some weird websites which asked me to download some software and have a rooted phone or tablet.

This kind of experience made me explore a ways to make sims freeplay hack that doesn’t require download. And you can test my invention yourself players that’s what I want you to have. Free and enjoyable experience within Sims FreePlay.

If you have any suggestions for me to improve my cheats or any other inquires don’t hesitate to leave a comment down below.

Happy Cheating!